January 14th Municipality of Pontiac Council Meeting



Thomas Soulière

LUSKVILLE - The 2014 Municipal Budget was unanimously adopted Tuesday evening at a special meeting held just prior to the regular Council session at the Luskville Community Centre located in the Marcel Lavigne Building at 7pm.

Following the budget meeting, Council held its regular meeting which opened with a moment of silence for Mr. Leo Ladouceur, who sadly passed away at age 61 after a courageous battle with lung cancer on January 3rd of this year.  Mr. Ladouceur had been a member of the Quyon Volunteer Fire Department for over 25 years as well as serving as Chief, a member of the Quyon Lions Club and a volunteer coordinator of the Outaouais Search and Rescue with the Sureté du Quebec.

During the first round of questions from the public, Mrs. Dianne Lorraine Cousineau brought forward the suggestion that the Municipal Bulletin – issued only four times a year – was inadequate to inform citizens and should be published with more frequency.  In response, Mayor Roger Larose said that there had been a decision taken to issue the Bulletin on a monthly basis beginning in February to better keep residents informed of activities and important notices of interest to the public in the Municipality.

Among the agenda items was a motion to name the Mayor to sit as the Municipality’s delegate on the administrative board of the Transports adaptés et collectifs des Collines (TACC) as mandated by the transportation body.  Ward 2 councilor R. Denis Dubé gave notice of his intention to introduce by-law 02-14 to modify borrowing by-law 04-13 for the placement of a water conduit under the Quyon River at a subsequent meeting.  M. Dubé also deposited a second notice of motion seeking to amend by-law 06-08, which decrees the rules of controlling and monitoring the municipal budget, to be tabled at a later meeting.

Council voted unanimously to challenge Hydro Québec’s 5.8% tariff increase to begin April 1st, 2014.  “Whereas the request tabled on December 6th, 2013, by the government corporation Hydro Québec to the Régie de l’énergie regarding a 5.8% electricity rate increase as of April 1st, 2014.  Whereas Council deems unacceptable said increase and expresses its displeasure.  Consequently it is ... unanimously resolved that Council transmit its displeasure to (Hydro Québec) regarding the expected 5.8% rate increase for electricity starting April 1st, 2014.  Furthermore, it is resolved that a copy of the present resolution be transmitted to the Régie de l’énergie, to Mme. Stéphanie Vallée (MLA) for Gatineau and the Union of Municipalities of Québec for consideration.”

Councilor Nancy Draper Maxsom, representing Ward 1, gave a notice of her intention to introduce a motion to modify article 3.8.1 of Zoning By-law 177-01 to permit slaughterhouses in some agriculture zones of the Municipality of Pontiac.  A request was also tabled to the C.P.T.A.Q. to allow for the conversion a couple of lots in Onslow Township for use other than agricultural for the establishment of an abattoir.

However, councilors Dr. Amyotte and M. Dubé voiced concern that residents of the area hadn’t been properly consulted, with M. Dubé adding that he had not received all the information he required to adequately vote on the request.  The request is slated to be re-tabled at a later opportunity after Council has had time to study the request and hold public consultations.

During the second question period, the gentleman behind the slaughterhouse project questioned Councilors Amyotte and Dubé about their votes against the project.  Dr. Amyotte explained that he was not against the project in principal, only that he wished to exercise due diligence in proceeding forward to ensure that there was time to study the location and related consequences while also allowing time for residents in the area to be properly informed about the project.  Both Councilors made themselves available after the meeting to further discuss the project with the gentleman concerned.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Municipality of Pontiac Council will be at 7:30pm, February 11th, 2014, at the Luskville Community Centre in the Marcel Lavigne Building, located at 2024 Route 148.